Chance or Law in Human Life(CD)


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Is human life governed by a series of fortuitous occurrences or is there an overriding principle of justice which takes into account our thoughts, motives, and actions? Are those who commit crimes and injustices held to account by something higher than the arbitrary laws of society? Is there some kind of divine recompense for those who are innocently injured or become victims of crime? Are those who supposedly escape the consequences of their misdeeds really free from responsibility for their actions?
The traditional religious view is that the after-life provides a balancing of the scales for the deeds and misdeeds of the past life. They cynic may say that there is no justice and that the wicked often prosper while the poor endure undeserved suffering. Is there such as thing as divine justice? Theosophy points to the biblical teaching that "whatever a man soweth, that shall he also reap" and says that this maxim is illustrative of a greater law of cause and effect that is operative here and now as well as in the hereafter. In the East this is known as the doctrine of Karma. Geoffrey Hodson explains that the law of cause and effect not only governs the life of individuals but also applicable to the life of nations. 1967. 29 minutes.