Social Action as Spiritual Practice: Part 4—Social Artistry and the Making of a New World(DVD,CD)


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We are living in a time of whole system transition, a condition of interactive change that affects every aspect of life as we know it. On the shadowy side, this includes the many problems we currently face: global warming and other changes in climate, disastrous ups and downs in our interlinked financial markets, worldwide unemployment, more than a billion people living in deprivation, disappearing soils and forests, the angers and actions of the disenfranchised, oppressive governments and corporations, and a stratified economic system that rewards the most greedy among us.

In spite of the negative factors that threaten to destroy us, an emergence of patterns of possibility never before available to the earth’s people as a whole is now occurring. It is true that virtually every known institution and way of being is currently in a state of deconstruction and breakdown. And yet, given the scientific, technological, cross-cultural, and social tools at hand, and given, too, that humanity is searching as never before to cooperate in many areas, it seems feasible that we may be ready to integrate inner and outer dimensions of life in ways which infuse new energy into human development and new purpose and responsibility into social transformation.

Four powerful forces that have risen in this time are propelling the current state of collective potential growth. They parallel and fuel one another. These forces may be described as the re-patterning of human nature, re-genesis of society, breakdown of the membrane between peoples, cultures, nations, and an increase in the depth of spiritual renewal.

Understanding, defining, and working with these forces and their evolutionary potential provide the framework and foundation for the leadership training work of Ms. Houston’s Social Artistry. What is necessary to achieve the transformation of self and society? Business as usual will not get us there. Innovative strategies, initiatives, and approaches catalyzed by imaginative leaders are required. This program was recorded at the Southeast National Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 10, 2007.

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