Social Action as Spiritual Practice: Part 1—Spiritual Practice as Social Action, Social Action as Spiritual Practice(DVD,CD)


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Theosophy implies a spiritual practice that is life-affirming and world-embracing, rather than life-negating and world-evading. Such a practice follows from the core Theosophical principles (1) that all life is fundamentally one, (2) that everything any of us does affects all of us, and (3) that the world process is not a mistake, but rather is life’s means of achieving greater subtlety, awareness, and unity. Theosophy also holds that the ills besetting the world—poverty, preventable disease, hunger, sexual and economic exploitation, injustice, persecution, war, tribalism, sectarianism, prejudice, and so on—are only the symptoms of a disease, which is ignorance of those core principles. Consequently, although the symptoms must be treated, they can be removed only by curing the disease.

Thus Theosophy calls upon us to spread knowledge of the core principles as the most effective form of social action. The result is spiritual practice (including life-style, meditation, ritual, and teaching) as social action. At the same time, all Fellows of the Theosophical Society are free to engage in whatever other form of social action they find compatible with the Society’s three Objects. The Theosophical Society itself does not engage in social action other than spreading knowledge of the core principles, but leaves its Fellows free to follow their own consciences in such matters. This program was recorded at the Southeast National Conference held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 9, 2007.

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