The Essence of Theosophical Ethics(CD)


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This program is recommended for those who already have a sound knowledge of Theosophical philosophy. In this seminar, Dr. Renee Weber and Dr. John Algeo each present papers dealing with the challenges and opportunities of living a life based on altruistic principles. Dr. Weber presents an eightfold perspective on Theosophical ethics, emphasizing that such an undertaking is not easy and that our motive for such an endeavor is of key importance. As Plato said in the Phaedrus, “In this pursuit we have not the consent of the whole soul.” Dr. Algeo reminds us that Theosophy is more than a set of ideas or a body of philosophical doctrines. It is that, but it is also a way of living based on altruistic principles and compassion for one’s fellow human beings. He suggests that Theosophy is not only “knowing” but a way of “doing.” This program was delivered at the 94th Annual Summer School of the Theosophical Society at George Williams College in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 1980. 77 minutes.