Meditation Series: Part 1–The Field of Meditation(CD)


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This informative lecture series describes in great detail the varied typography of the field of meditation. It is an advanced course suitable for experienced practitioners of meditation who would like to improve their practice and broaden their perspective on meditation.

Joy Mills says that meditation is a journey. It is an inward journey of self-discovery. The Greek philosopher Plato said that within each one of us is the recollection of an inner world, a world in which we are whole and free from the façade that we present to the outer world. In order to take this inner journey, it is advisable for the practitioner of meditation to travel lightly and release his or her attachment to ideas, places, and things.

Each part of this six-part series is approximately 42 minutes long. Part 1 provides a broad overview of meditation. Part 2 explains the preliminary steps involved in meditation. Part 3 explores the important role of concentration and imagination in meditation. Part 4 describes the technique of reflective meditation and explains why this method is particularly suited for Westerners. Part 5 deals with the practical applications of meditation, such as how we can use it to be of service to the world around us. Part 6 concludes with an integrated approach to meditation, drawing upon materials presented throughout this entire series. 1974. 257 minutes.