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Entering on the Sacred Way: A Psychological Commentary on Light on the Path

The Light on the Path is, according to Joy Mills, "a genuine exposition of age-old rules for those who would walk the upland slopes of Wisdom, seeking the Sacred way to inner illumination." The aim of her commentary then, in part, was to indicate "the essential work that must be done on our psychological natures, for it is there that the genuine transformation must take place." This is a Wisdom...

Nicholas & Helena Roerich: The Spiritual Journey of two great Artists and Peacemakers

In her latest title, Ruth Drayer provides a factual account of the two Russian visionaries who believed beauty could solve the world's problems and unify humanity. Partners in all things, charismatic Nicholas (1874-1947) was an internationally acclaimed artist (responsible for over 7,000 paintings), author, daring explorer, conservationist, archeologist, humanitarian and peacemaker, while his w...