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Reincarnation in Christianity: A New Vision of the Role of Rebirth in Christian Thought

Is there room for the concept of rebirth in Christian dogma? The question that bothered Dr. MacGregor was quite basic: Can a Christian believe in reincarnation and still remain loyal to the Bible and church? He researched into the annals of Christian history, cut through centuries of religious emotionalism, and reported his findings in this landmark work.

The Theatre of the Mind: Evolution in the Sensitive Cosmos

This stimulating book expresses the eonic drama of our eternal growth--from instinct to intuition. Skolimowski is a constant delight and surprise as an image-breaking philosopher/scientist/mystic. He establishes his position as an intrepid spokesperson for ecologically sound progress. He writes irreverent things in a reverent manner. From Prometheus to Prigogine, through a philosophy founded on...