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Perfume of the Desert: Inspirations from Sufi Wisdom

Renowned for his inspiring interpretations of world spiritual traditions, celebrated modern mystic Andrew Harvey teams with photographer Eryk Hanut to create a stunning book of readings drawn from Sufi mysticism. Teaching stories, prophetic sayings, folk tales and jests, Hanut's evocative photographs, and Harvey's breathtaking translations of the ecstatic poetry of Rumi, Kabir, and others make ...

The Templars and the Grail: Knights of the Quest

Who were the medieval Knights Templar? What are the connections between the Templars and the Grail? Did the Templars excavate under the Temple of Solomon and find lost artifacts or the treasures of Jerusalem, as many have long thought? And what is the history of the Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh? The powerful Knights Templar, the famed monastic warriors of the Crusades, still intrigue many...