Kathleen Hitchcock-Warrick

Kathleen Hitchcock-Warrick was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She joined the Milwaukee Branch of the T.S. in 1957 where she was a dynamic and motivating force that helped build the Lodge. There she served as its President for a number of years. In addition, Kathleen served on the Board of Directors of the Theosophical Society in America. 

Kathleen was a well-known yoga teacher who had her own TV show called Hatha Yoga which was shown daily on PBS  throughout the United States. She taught classes on meditation, pranayama, Raja yoga, and Hatha yoga in the Milwaukee area. her sparkling enthusiasm and boundless energy drew many students her way. 

Kathleen was the first woman to be admitted to the Board of Managers of the YMCA of metropolitan Milwaukee, a position she held for more than ten years. She also worked on special fund raising campaigns for the “Partner of Youth” and “World Service projects.”

In Decmber of 1985 Kathleen suffered from an aneurysm; the resulting surgery had unfortunate complications from which she never recovered. She spent the remaining years of her life physically incapacitated in a rest home until she died in November 1993.

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