de Souzenelle, Annick

Annick de Souzenelle

Annick de Souzenelle was born on November 4, 1922 into a post-war world which even as a child she found absurd.  She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics in 1944.  Perhaps with a view to find answers to her questions about suffering and meaning, she then turned to nursing and gained her State Diploma in 1947.  For fifteen years she worked as an anesthetist.  She likes to joke that the first part of her life was spent putting people to sleep, and the second waking them up.  Five of these years were spent in Morocco, and contact with Islam and the Arab world left a strong impression on her.

De Souzenelle was brought up as a Roman Catholic, but left this Church at the age of 20, searching for meaning.  Fifteen years later she came across the Orthodox Church and the priest who was later  to become Bishop Jean Kovalevsky, with whom she studied theology, and shortly afterwards met a Kabbalist who introduced her to the study of Biblical Hebrew and the Kabbalah.  These two approaches to the same Mystery amounted to an amazing form of stereophony and an emotional, psychological and spiritual upheaval.  From this point on, she continued studying and researching.   She also became a Jungian psychotherapist.  She began to write, first The Body and its Symbolism (1974), soon afterwards a study of the symbolism of the Hebrew Letters (La lettre, chemin de vie), and finally a new translation with detailed commentary of the first five chapters of Genesis (Alliance de feu).  These three works are the foundations on which fifteen subsequent books repose.

In 2010 she founded an Institute of Spiritual Anthropology in Angers, France., which brings students knowledge of all the great spiritual traditions of humanity and the depths where they resemble each other, enabling hearts to awaken.

She continues to write and to teach, mostly now in France, Belgium and Italy, though in the past she has also taught in Canada and Roumania. De Souzenelle is married and the mother of two children.  

Other Works By the Author
The Body and Its Symbolism: A Kabbalistic Approach