Poos-Benson, Rev. Stephen

Rev. Stephen Poos-Benson

Adventure, imagination, passion, and love are a few adjectives to describe the life of Steve Poos-Benson. Through his speaking, teaching, writing, and insight, Steve lights a spark of life and a desire to embrace all the world offers. His writing is a reflection of his thirty-year career as a pastor, spiritual guide, and life coach. Through his work as Senior Pastor of Columbine United Church he has become a global voice for progressive Christianity. He builds bridges of understanding between people of all faith backgrounds. People follow Steve through his weekly messages on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, as well as his weekly blog, Cowboy Jesus.

While fun and lively, Steve’s work is based upon solid academics. He earned his BA from Whitworth University in Spokane Washington, his Masters of Divinity from San Francisco Theological Seminary, and his doctorate from McCormick Theological Seminary.

In April 1999, Steve was at the center of a watershed moment in U.S. history - the shootings at Columbine High School. He was a first responder to the scene. The shootings defined his life for the next decade. Steve worked with families whose children had been killed or wounded. He also ministered to the family of one of the shooters. As a part of his work, he was interviewed by Time Magazine to assess the progress of healing in the community. He addressed the nation twice as a part of the five- and ten-year anniversary ceremonies.

In the years following the shootings, thousands sought his help to heal and regain a sense of purpose. Over the years he developed principles that enabled people to redirect their lives according to their divine purpose. In the wake of trauma, he encouraged people to see that their lives were far from over, but could move in new and creative ways.

Steve enjoys an active life outside of his work. With his wife Phoebe, they raised three children, now young adults. They live in the mountains of Colorado in the log home they both built. Steve loves all things athletic. He swims, bikes, runs, hikes, and practices yoga. He studies martial arts with the rank of Black Belt. Weekend afternoons finds him either scaling a fourteen’er, or riding his Palomino horse, Magic.

For more information visit stevescowboyjesus.blogspot.com

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