Genelli, Tom Davis

Tom Davis Genelli

Tom Genelli worked as TV network ABC’s film collection librarian, becoming an independent film producer/director and an instructor in film production at New York’s New School for Social Research. Returning to San Francisco for a Ph.D. in Psychology, he settled into a twenty-six year career as clinical supervisor for Conard House, Inc., a large, progressive mental health agency.

Tom, and his wife Lyn, share a profound conviction that the purpose of life is self-realization for the benefit of all. Working their respective careers, they drifted into writing and publishing articles dealing with the cross-fertilization of film, psychology and spirituality as a way of expressing their joint conviction. Their articles have appeared in journals of psychology and popular culture, including Yoga Journal and Vogue.

Tom and Lyn Genelli reside in San Rafael, Calif.

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