Gilchrist, Cherry

Cherry Gilchrist

Cherry Gilchrist is the author of nearly thirty books on mythology, inner traditions, alchemy, art, and culture. These include The Soul of Russia: Magical Traditions in an Enchanted Landscape (Quest: 2008) and Explore Alchemy (Heart of Albion 2007; formerly The Elements of Alchemy.) She is a graduate of Cambridge University, U.K., with a postgraduate diploma from the University of Bath Spa, and is a well-known lecturer for arts organizations, conferences, and cruises. She has studied the Western Hermetic tradition, astrology and Kabbalah for many years, and was a founding member of the Saros Foundation for the Perpetuation of Knowledge. She retains her roots in the Christian tradition, but is especially interested in the mysticism behind all religions, and meditation as a gateway to this. Cherry has a long-standing interest in oral history and traditional culture, including English folk song, the Silk Road, and Russia, which she has visited many times. At present she lives near Stroud, U.K.