Brown, Coleston

Coleston Brown

Coleston Brown is a writer, artist, and independent scholar of magical and esoteric Christian traditions. He is committed to practicing and teaching the Magical Way, which he defines as a trans-religious spiritual path of personal and planetary transformation.

He trained for seven years with Gareth Knight in the arts of Seership, Magic, and the Tree of Life. Knight, working in the line of Dion Fortune, initiated Brown in 1986 at the famed Hawkwood College in England. Brown has spent the ensuing years training and initiating others in Canada and the United States. During this time he wrote two books, a number of articles, and was featured in Gnosis magazine’s issue on Esoteric Christianity.

In 1995, Brown founded Sun Chalice Books, an esoteric publishing house. As a publisher he was able to make a number of important and rare works available to the public. These included several significant books by Gareth Knight, the works of the late Anthony Duncan, a Scottish seer and priest, a lost manuscript of Dion Fortune on Esoteric Healing, the collected papers of Margaret Lumley Brown—an associate of Dion Fortune's and a pioneer in the fields of Elemental and Faery work—and the magical fiction of Josephine Dunne.

He also authored a correspondence course and a system of Magical Christianity now known as the Magi Group, which remains a contacted and initiating school in the Western Inner Tradition. He left the Magi Group in 2002 to pursue other work.

The author of several books, Brown teaches through recordings, lectures, low-cost, intense workshops, and his website He lives in Vista, California, and can be reached via email at

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