Matthews, John

John Matthews

John Matthews was born in the North of England in 1948. He is an internationally renowned authority on mythology and folklore with a special interest in the Arthurian and Grail traditions and Celtic lore. A professional writer since 1980, he has produced over forty books ranging from the worlds of the Celtic and Arthurian legends to collections of stories, essays, and poetry.

His first-hand experience of native shamanism and druidism grounds his work in a practical and traditional foundation, making his books both communicative and exciting. He has given highly acclaimed workshops in Britain, Central Europe, and America. He is primarily concerned with the interpretation of myth as the key that will open the door to the lost sacred dimension of the world.

His best known and most widely read works are The Grail: Quest for Eternal Life, Taliesin: Shamanism and the Bardic Mysteries in Britain and Ireland, and The Celtic Shaman. Other books include Arthur and the Grail Quest, Within the Hollow Hills, and The Winter Solstice, which won the Benjamin Franklin Award in 1998.

He has also co-authored with his wife, Caitlin Matthews, a pioneering two-volume study of the Western mystery tradition,The Western Way, (now reprinted as a single volume), which has revolutionized contemporary approaches to the ancient British mysteries and their offshoots. Together they designed and wrote the best-selling Arthurian Tarot, which has sold more than 50,000 copies and has been translated into several languages.

John is currently working on An Encyclopedia of Celtic Myths, 2002, for Rider Books.

John and Caitlin live in Great Britain. To visit the author's website, 

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