Mansfield, Victor

Victor Mansfield

Victor Mansfield is a professor of physics and astronomy at Colgate University. Along with physics and astronomy courses, he teaches popular classes focusing on Tibetan Buddhism and Jungian psychology. He regularly lectures at universities, academic conferences, Jungian institutes, grand rounds in psychiatric wards, and to general audiences throughout the USA and in Europe. He also leads all-day workshops that involve both lecture/discussion and experiential elements. His lectures and workshops are noted for their ability to make both scientific and spiritual ideas come alive for a wide variety of audiences.

Besides his long list of scientific publications, he has published dozens of interdisciplinary papers examining the relationship between physics and the fields of Buddhism and Jungian psychology. He has studied and practiced with noted spiritual leaders in the USA, Europe, and India.

His book, Synchronicity, Science, and Soul-Making: Understanding Jungian Synchronicity through Physics, Buddhism, and Philosophy (Open Court, 1995), now in its fifth printing, has been hailed as the most important analysis of synchronicity since C. G. Jung himself. By analyzing the largest published selection of firsthand accounts of synchronicity, the author shows how it plays an important role in our psychological development. He further enriches this exploration by meshing his interpretation of synchronicity with clearly explained cornerstones of quantum physics and basic tenets of Middle Way Buddhism—concluding with a radical and provocative worldview.

Along with his wide academic experience, he has worked as a senior systems engineer in industry; led a team that wrote a major piece of scientific software; facilitated psychological groups in an experimental ward in a mental hospital; and been featured in national radio interviews, CNN television, and an international film.

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