Burnier, Radha

Radha Burnier

Radha Burnier became 7th international President of the Theosophical Society in 1980, following the lead of her father, N. Sri Ram, who was the 5th President, and close associate of Annie Besant. Mrs. Burnier had previously served in many capacities, including Director of the research and publications of the Adyar Library and Research Centre from 1959-1979. She holds a Master's degree in Sanskrit from the Benares Hindu University, and an honorary Doctor of Literature degree from Nagarjuna University. She has lectured all over the world on Theosophical and cultural topics, and both her talks and writings are known for their clarity of thought and depth of vision. In her youth, she trained as a classical Indian dancer and even appeared in the 1951 film The River by French director Jean Renoir.