Sellon, Emily B.

Emily B. Sellon

Emily Sellon was born in New York where she was active in theosophical work for all her adult life. She first joined the Theosophical Society at the age of 21. Her first job was cataloguing the library of the New York T.S., which provided her a unique opportunity to familiarize herself with the whole spectrum of theosophical literature. Subsequently she has served the New York Branch of the T.S. in almost every capacity: as secretary, program committee chairperson, vice-president, and president. During her presidency, the New York T.S. purchased their own building. Emily Sellon was also active in the Northeast Federation and helped to found the first Quest Bookshop in New York City. Emily served three terms on the National Board of Directors and has been a frequent speaker at the national center of the Theosophical Society in America. 

Other Works By the Author
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