Bendit, Laurence J.

Laurence J. Bendit

Laurence Bendit’s contributions to Theosophical literature include dozens of articles published in Theosophical journals as well as several books, some of which resulted from collaboration with his wife, Phoebe Bendit. Among those books are The Mirror of Life and DeathThe Psychic SenseThis World and That, and A Yoga for the West. Dr. Bendit was the General Secretary of the Theosophical Society in England from 1958-1962.

Born in France, of American and British parentage, Laurence Bendit was an American citizen until age 25, when he then took up residence in England. Dr. Bendit held both M.A. & M.D. degrees from Cambridge University as well as the specialist diploma of Psychological Medicine. His doctoral thesis was on parapsychology, the first ever to be accepted by any British university for that degree.