Grasse, Ray

Ray Grasse

Ray Grasse has studied the esoteric traditions of the world for twenty-five years, including Kriya Yoga, astrology, and Zen Buddhism. He holds a degree in filmmaking and painting from the Art Institute of Chicago. Grasse’s articles and essays have appeared in numerous anthologies and journals. A working astrologer, he also teaches meditation classes, and served for several years as assistant editor of The Quest magazine, published by the Theosophical Society.

Ray Grasse worked on the editorial staffs of Quest Books and The Quest magazine for ten years. He is author of The Waking Dream (Quest Books, 1996), a study of synchronicity and symbolism, andSigns of the Times (Hampton Roads, 2002), an exploration of the emerging Aquarian Age.

He received a degree in filmmaking from the Art Institute of Chicago, and has been involved journalistically with important archeological investigations taking place in Egypt over the last decade. He studied with two teachers in the Kriya Yoga tradition for 15 years, and lived for a time in a Zen Monastery in upstate New York. A practiing astrologer since 1973, author and screenwriter Whitley Strieber called him "one of the world’s great astrologers." He currently works as associate editor for The Mountain Astrologer magazine, and lives in Wheaton, Illinois.