Cavalli Ph.D, Thom F.

Thom F. Cavalli Ph.D

Dr. Thom Cavalli Ph. D. is a psychological alchemist, writer, artist and teacher. He is a licensed clinical psychologist and maintains a private practice in Santa Ana, California. Dr. Cavalli is author of Alchemical Psychology and Old Recipes for Living in a New World. His current work Embodying Osiris is an alchemical treatment of the Osiris myth. In addition to this publication, Thom will also appear in an independent documentary along with the Yogic Master Iyengar and Tibetan Buddhist expert Professor Wallace. This will be Thom’s third appearance at the International Alchemy Conference. Other scholarly seminars and workshops include presentations at the Philosophical Research Society, C. G. Jung Institute, Esalen, UCI Forum Club and the Bowers Museum. He has appeared on national television, interviewed by an independent filmmaker at the Alchemy conference in Prague, and recorded on radio at the University of California, Irvine. For more information about Dr. Cavalli’s work, visit his website at or find him on the social media site Facebook

Other Works By the Author
Embodying Osiris: The Secrets of Alchemical Transformation