Toy, Atala Dorothy

Atala Dorothy Toy

Atala Dorothy Toy is a specialist in interdimensional communication – a spiritual science that enables humans to communicate with life forms existing in frequency ranges different from human ones.

She is the founding president of Crystal Life Technology, Inc. – a cutting edge company established in 1996 to provide the public with consciousness expanding products, jewelry, information and photographs.

Atala has written extensively on consciousness in magazine articles and in three books, presenting the material in a down-to-earth manner comprehensible to people of all traditions, backgrounds and expertise. She has begun showing others how to develop their own personal abilities to communicate interdimensionally according to their particular strengths – an effort that has led her to conduct workshops, offer private consultations, author articles and blogs, and teach others how to take actual photographs of life forms of other realms.

Atala was raised in East Coast Quaker traditions and graduated from Swarthmore College. She has worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (handling their humanities publicity), Doubleday & Co (a submissions editor), and the United Nations Development Programme (a staff member in the public relations department) before forming her own company. Her volunteer work has included serving as Secretary of the Board of the American Society of Dowsers, as President of the Board of ISIC – the Institute for the Study of Interdimensional Cooperation, and many past years of public relations for an international yoga group.

A severe bout of environmental illness in the mid-1990s was the trigger to bring her into communication with a group of spirit guides known as the Melchizedeks. They worked with her to locate methods to cure herself. From this time forward, she has internally worked with the Melchizedeks to develop products, modalities, photographs and information on how to communicate and cooperate interdimensionally. At their request, in 2000 she moved from New York City to the Midwest Chicago area.

While practicing yoga, Atala published a book Explorations in Consciousness which explored consciousness from a Western yogic viewpoint. After she settled in the Midwest and opened a store, she published a second book We are Not Alone: A Guidebook to Interdimensional Cooperation which explored consciousness from a more radical departure in time/space and focused on spiritual-scientific concepts. Nature Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts: How to Talk with and Photograph Beings of Other Worlds is her latest book; it provides stories from her life and practice, with lessons learned, exercises to practice, and expands into the realm of teaching people how to photograph interdimensional life forms.