Quinn, Paul

Paul Quinn

Paul Quinn is a teacher, writer, and intuitive guide who is passionate about using the Tarot as a tool to help others gain insights leading to positive changes and greater well-being.

Listed as a “top talent” by Chicago Magazine, he is author of Tarot for Life: Reading the Cards for Everyday Guidance and Growth. With illustrations from the Rider-Waite deck, the book offers seventy-eight casebook stories (one for each card) from Quinn's readings for himself and clients, and draws on Jungian psychology, the Hindu chakra system, and other esoteric traditions.

Paul has been reading the cards for clients since 2000. He uses the Tarot not as fortune-telling, but as a way to shed light on the influences—conscious and unconscious, inner and outer—that shape our life experiences, and to identify opportunities for growth and transformation. A teacher of the Tarot since 2001, Paul describes his course as a vibrant “soul classroom” for exploring the Tarot as a tool for charting an inner-directed path to growth.

An engaging and inspiring speaker, Quinn presents interactive presentations on the Tarot and practical mysticism, including programs for the Swedenborg Library, Chicago Spiritual Advisory Council, Institute for Noetic Sciences, Transitions Bookplace, and Unity churches. He has been interviewed on radio programs internationally and on Chicago-area television programs.

He picked up his first Tarot deck in 1998. The attraction for Paul was not just the cards but how their meanings corresponded with his lifetime studies in spirituality, mysticism, astrology, psychology, theatre, and human potential. The Tarot gave him the opportunity to integrate skills he formally developed in practitioner certification programs from Chicago’s NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Institute, Chicago’s Oasis Center for Human Potential’s year-intensive Facilitator Training Program, Sonia Choquette’s sixth-sensory training program, Psychic U., and in numerous consciousnessoriented programs at the Omega Institute, CG Jung Center, and Association for Humanistic Psychology.

For more information visit: tarotforlife.net.